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The Fritz Interview

On-Slaught Interview



Kept going by the secret, a common mystery, I was in tune and detached with the transmission

Soul Power in the Darkness

The warm watery night turns cold vision. A fog is lifted and anxiety is increased. Surviving the night requires heat.

I Touched James Brown

Now he had a big smile and a voice to match, backing a split time that could fry you where you stand.

A Message

Hate being what it is, consumed me, chewed mye up and spit me out

A place to share enthusiasms

Press releases

Crawling out of Corners

A crude disturbing rhythm is the first image. Stage left, just above eye-level: angular horn-like chords. The image is incomplete.

Late/night. Walking

I'd just passed Barham where I hoped to catch a non-lethal ride from some freeway weary automaniac. Then I heard that damned music.



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