An early press release:

A crude disturbing rhythm is the first image. Stage left, just above eye-level: angular horn-like chords. The image is incomplete. This is emergency room music. Crawling out of corners to sneak around the well-being you felt. Another sound alerts your cerebral warning center (TOO LATE) it's already at you throat. The image is not yet complete. Bent lines flesh out into full-scale effrontery. That beat grinds, spilling muscled-up tones as you spill you beer. Lyrical in its pain, a sax plays out its drama; the words, in hammered-metal luxury, bespeak another image. Image and reason meet in a dark new struggle. Neither loses. You are left with Afterimage.

Pressure to produce the goods
I am the action
I've been called a thousand things
You're not one of them

Out of Distemper, out of The Blank, out of nowhere: Rich Evac - bass; Holland de Nuzio - drums; A Produce - guitar/keyboard; Alec Tension - words, sax, images.




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