Projects and Collaborations of Daniel Voznick


Bridge: Initially Daniel Voznick (aka Chez Voz) and Bruce Licher (of Scenic and Savage Republic) made some recordings in the underground tunnels of UCLA to use as a soundtrack of Licher's film Bridge. Using various instrumental sounds, distortions, echoes, noises, etc., they created a sound that could be called industrail-metallic or minimalist. After Licher released some selections called Bridge on his Independent Project Records, they added Michale Gross on vocals and Mark Erskine on percussion to create a performing unit with that name.

Tunnel Tones: This was a futher extension of Bridge, "an experimental band that extends into the commercial world," with the addition of drummer Debbie Spinelli.

A Produce

After his departure from Afterimage, A Produce began Trance Port Tapes (now called TPT) which released many cassette only releases of underground and experimental music. Produce and Voznick later collaborated on a track for Produce's record The Clearing. This version of 'Ashes of Love' is different from the way it appeared on Afterimage's Ghostlight CD.

Mark Lane

Voznick (listed as Chez Voz) played saxophone on a track titled Tsar for Minimal/Goth Synthmeister Mark Lane’s first 12” Who’s Really Listening?. The record show Lane was one of the early pioneers of minimal electronic synthpop. Lane went on to release many more recordings, finding a larger audience in Europe.



7 inch single
(pictured at left)

L.A. Mantra II

10 Years of Bruce Licher
Ice Nine

Tunnel Tones:

Keats Rides a Harley
Is this a Restart?

L.A. Mantra
Last Line for Love

Phantom Takes

Michael Gross
bass and guitar
Bruce Licher
guitar and bass:
Daniel Voznick
(aka Chez Voz)
percussion: Mark Erskine

drums: Debbie Spinelli


A Produce:

The Clearing
Ashes of Love


Mark Lane :

Who's Really Listening?



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