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Afterimage tracks were included in 2 issues of the now defunct On-Slaught magazine which published quarterly. Issue no. 2 shows Daniel Voznick (aka Alec Tension) playing sax on the cover and includes "Faces to Hide" on the 4 song flexi-disk that came with the magazine. By issue no. 3, the original band had begun to splinter and On-Slaught now came with a 45 minute cassette. This new lineup supplied "American Tragedy" and an interview with the band.

No longer in print

On-Slaught 2

Faces to Hide

vocals: Alec Tension
(aka Daniel Voznick)
guitar and keyboards:
A Produce
bass: Rich Evac
drums: Holland DeNuzzio


On-Slaught 3

American Tragedy

vocals and guitar:
Chez Voz
(aka Daniel Voznick)
bass: Gina LaSardina
Alan Lee
drums: Holland DeNuzzio



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