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"Afterimage's brand of 'dark dance music' had more in common with is European peers than the current trend of L.A. bands. Their sound was described by one reviewer as 'lushly stark' and, given their unique blend of sax, keyboards, drums and guitars, it is easy to understand why they were much misunderstood and ignored by the local scene. Offered here are two examples of their sound: 'Afterimage' comes from their EP, Fade In in an alternate version while 'Idol' is taken from a live performance. "
from the original liner notes

Daniel Voznick (aka Alec Tension) also appears with the Tunneltones playing bass on "The Last Line for Love." Afterimage guitarist A Produce began his "hypno-trance" recordings with his solo selection here. Bass player Rich Evac provides a track that bridges the gap between Afterimage and his stint with Psi-Com and Perry Farrell.

No longer in print

vocals and sax:
Alec Tension
(aka Daniel Voznick)
guitar and keyboards:
A Produce
bass: Rich Evac
drums: Holland DeNuzzio

In addition to Afterimage, these artists appear on
L.A. Mantra:

Side 1
If-Then-Else: Hey Big Oil
Stillife: Rubrica
Afterimage: Afterimage
Rand Kennedy: Enorma Jones
Debt of Nature:
L.A. Weekly is God
Rich Evac: A Scanner Darkly
Tunneltones: Last Line for Love
Mark Bucholtz: Winds From Nowhere
A Produce: Erosion

Side 2
An Bene-Pierre Lambow:
Robot Jungle
Savage Republic: Attempted Coup: Madagascar
If-Then-Else: The Wedge
Fat & Fucked Up: Fugue B
Chas Smith: October '68
Rand Kennedy: Smith's Room
Afterimage: Idol
Michael Le-Donne Bhennet:
Vaporous Archetecture #3




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