Radio Sky


In the silence you came from high over head

Your signal found me, senses on edge

Electronic buzz, pure and uncut

Like a high voltage electricity shot

Through my spine to my very core

Left me sweaty and panting and hungry for more

I walked out cold and lonely under the radio sky

I walked on calm and empty under radio sky


You plugged me in, hooked me up

High speed connection, body in flux

You burned a pattern under my skin

With frequency shift you kept me wanting

So far gone in your silicone dream

Where nothing means nothing means nothing again


This can't go on and I know it

Close to the edge my eyes show it

Stumbling out of the dark

Saving yourself still tears you apart




The deal was sealed with a kiss

That promised so much more

Than a tangled tangled web like this

I put myself in your hands

You promised so many things

I blew it all

For you

I'm down on my knees

But I didn't die young for you

I'm playing it cool But I didn't die young for you

I took so many chances but I didn't die young for you

Still I cry out for you

In the end I didn't die young like you


The end left me twisting in the wind

Marked and bound alone

Right where I began

I turn to face myself again

To make myself a better man

Than I could be for you


Slow motion ride

Behind ice blue eyes

15 minutes ticking away

No one mystifies



American Tragedy

Singing from a bottle

That empty loving cup

Chains or freedom

I don't know


There's no one like her

Or there might be a million more

No matter how much I love her

We both fall

But still so alone


No local heroes

Could resist her silver looks

Tuned for pleasure

With every pill she took

It's all a game

American tragedy




Silent center of the storm

Charged electro-static scent

Out among the wreckage

Dancing on the edge

A code of lines and curves

A zodiac of lies

The monitors go dark

When she passes by

Dark angel, bride to the city, in love with the night


No records to be found

No clues to who you are

Once your name has been erased

A criminal or shooting star


She's a moving target

Got her in your sights

So tender in the dark

Forgotten with first light

Dancing on the edge, never looking down

The right thrills put her on her back

Kind of underage, that skinny dynamo

Give old man heart attack

When you make your play, a certain ratio

Leaves you breathless and out of control


Eyes black and razor sharp

Dancing to a different beat

Love could go no further

Where these dark ends meet

Dark angel, bride to the city, in love with the night




We no longer hunt together

Prowling those distant places

Our hunger was so enormous

Feeding on their dark treasure

Every danger passed between us

Dreaming for each other

A whiff of oblivion

Found us in full pleasure

Midnight inferno

In the heat of the night

In the TV glow

I lost you in the dark inferno


You are so elusive

Always a new shape or angle

Your body holds many secrets

Rising like a phoenix

Tuned to a sharp edge

Cutting through my desire

You were my mirror double

You were my favorite crisis


I'm so bored when you turn on again

That dark path has no end

Curtain comes down on your little side show

Feeling used cut off and alone



At the crossroads

At ground zero

All illusions stripped away

Left lonely

Alone and dreaming

Off the highway

In the car by the two lane

Lost in static and decay


In the heat, blast furnace night

Cool the fire

The howling wind makes it burn brighter

And as time passes the flames keep getting higher


It comes in waves night and day

Fire to ice and back again washing over

In ocean calm and burning sun

Clouds and fire and cooling rain

Washing over me


As above, so below

So many voices

A buidling overload

In the distance, at the very edge of night

Lies a promise half in shadow, half in light




The temperature's rising

Shadows are falling

Identity shifting into the night

Thoughts are restless

No place to touchdown

Need some little something to make it all right

No drug can cool you like I do


You make a connection,

It's starting to roll

Face to face but out of control

Keep pushing right to the edge

But some little something brings you back again

No drug can cool you like I do


Little white thing

In the afterglow

I cool you and soothe you

And let you go


Moving at full speed

Follow every clue

Questions not answers

Are haunting you

No drug can cool you like I do




That grinding need it blinded me

I can hardly breath

It gets inside of me

The cycle is complete


Battered and bruised I wake up to you

As you walk away

What a price to pay

More desperate each day

It came to me so suddenly

A message so clear

Cloaked in the extremes of a dangerous year


I can't speak, I can't move

Tears are falling looking at you

Can I stand tonight

Can I make it right

The sky's so bright

Tears are falling like rain



© 2015 Daniel Voznick All rights reserved

Reproduction, duplication or distribution in any from is expressly prohibited