CD Palace:

Concentrating on new artists, a new source for online cd purchases.


"Music Internet Site for Unsigned Musicians to Promote Themselves." A fine site from the U.K. Afterimage has two songs there.


A new music resource site.


A Produce:

Official site with info about his explorations in the realm of trance-oriented music. Discography, bio and clips

Independent Project Records:

There is no official IPR site but there are three that are worth checking out. Mobilization Records has all available IPR releases for sale. Travis Emmitt has created this fan site IPR . And finally a list of all their releases at esophagus.

Happy Squid Records:

Indie record label with many releases from the L.A. underground

The Fall Lyrics Parade

The world's largest (and only official) collection of Fall lyrics. Here because its The Fall and they must be loved..



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