Started like most bands, by a bunch of idealistic if somewhat wary musical adventurers, Afterimage came out with a roar on the burgeoning Los Angeles music scene in 1980. Guitarist A Produce answered a local ad from Rich Evac (bass) and Holland de Nuzzio (drums) and found a dynamic rhythm section. When he brought vocalist and saxophonist Daniel Voznick (aka Alec Tension) the chemistry was right and a sound was forged. Afterimage used its "thunderous rhythm, threatening bass, wailing bursts of sax and haunted vocals” to create powerful brain and body music that tore through the Los Angeles music scene.

In 1981 they released a 7” single and
a 12” Fade In ep and thrilled fans at local clubs such as the Whisky, The Hong Kong Café, Club 88 and the Brave Dog, sharing the stage with the likes of Suburban Lawns, Savage Republic, Middle Class and Johanna Went.

The chemistry changed sometime in the mid 80s and the original band members chose to follow their own interests, while singer Daniel Voznick (aka Alec Tension) continued write and record as Afterimage. With the help of conspirators from all over Los Angeles, this slowly mutating entity released songs on several compilations and in magazines, a 7” single and most recently, on 2 CD releases: Ghostlight and Radio Sky.

A Produce started Trance Port and released many solo recordings of ambient/trance music. Rich Evac and Holland de Nuzzio have retired from music.

The latest release - Strange Confession - brings together all the early, out of print releases with rare live tracks sporting “enough guitar backbeat to support the Sex Pistols,” to CD for the first time. It also offers alternative versions of songs from Ghostlight: Ashes of Love, written by Voznick/Produce for a Produce’s album The Clearing, and Out of Breath from the Viva Los Angeles II compilation from Italy. The final cuts are from the Radio Sky CD.

There have been many members of Afterimage over time:
A Produce- guitar and keyboards, Rich Evac- bass, Holland deNuzzio- drums, Jonathan Dickinson- guitar, Elizabeth Brooks- vocals, Mark Nine- guitar and bass, Kyle C. Kyle- drums, Jonienne- vocals, Bryan Mazor- bass, Finn Hammer- guitar, Sean O- bass, Marinda Scott- vocals, Randy Ralston- bass, Charlie Saylen- bass, Thames Sinclair- guitar, Snakepit Eddy Edwards- sax, David
Bolster- bass, Bob Krapohl- drums, Tina Thomas- vocals, Ava Anderson- vocals, Gina La Sardina- bass, Amy Deegan- vocals, Arlyn Page- vocals.



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