Fade In

12 inch vinyl ep
Contagion Records

The 7 songs here are brooding excercises in dance tension with the accent on the thunderous rhythm. "Surf Generator" has the most in common with other West Coast new breeds, and from there Afterimage set off in their own direction. Helped by polished saxophone and a fluid organ, the band charts the dark side of the California dream, running out on "No Dreams", full of deep and delerious jangled turns and twists. Descibed by one reviwer as "Peter Gunn entering the Twilight Zone with the Doors", Afterimage sleepwalk you through thte last grooves.



Surf Generator

Part of the Threat




Satellite of Love

No Dreams


vocals and sax:
Daniel Voznick
(aka Alec Tension)
guitar and keyboards:
A Produce
bass: Rich Evac
drums: Holland DeNuzzio



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