Killed by Deathrock cover art

Killed by Deathrock vol. 1

LP/CD #: SBR-3014
Sacred Bones Records

Afterimage contributed “Satellite of Love” to this compilation of “rare and little-heard post-punk, deathrock and dark punk tracks. What all these bands have in common, apart from their dark, icy atmosphere, is that they’re quintessential pieces of the deathrock story whose music hasn’t been heard by nearly enough people — until now. Bands from all over the world are represented on the comp, from the relatively well-known Scots in Twisted Nerve to the “completely un-Googleable” Move from Italy. Also featured are the French band known simply as Bunker on their first demo tape who later became Bunker Strasse, though still remained largely obscure. Kitchen & the Plastic Spoons formed in Sweden in 1980 and only released a couple of 7-inches before disbanding a year later in 1981. The rest of the comp represents a vast spectrum of geography with the US being represented by Your Funeral, Glorious Din, The Naked and the Dead, Afterimage, and Screaming for Emily. Baroque Bordello (France), and Taste of Decay (Germany) round out the collection.”


Your Funeral
I Wanna Be You

Kitchen &
The Plastic Spoons

Twisted Nerve
When I’m Alone

Casa Domani

My Own Way

Taste of Decay

Satellite of Love

Screaming for Emily
The Love

Glorious Din
Tenement Roofs

The Naked and the Dead

Baroque Bordello
Put It Down




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