Cassette Tape
Contagion Records

"This Cassette release consists of studio outtakes from the
Fade In sessions, live versions and other Afterimage material unavailable on vinyl. The 8 songs were recorded on everything from 24-track to cassette in several studios and on stage.

"Mutant engineering genius A Produce took the raw tracks and mastered them for this special Contagion cassette. The result is an atmospheric chronicle of brain and body noise by L.A.'s psychedelic mystery band."
– from the original press releaase

No longer in print

AYF no.2

On the Verge

Faces to Hide

Idol (dub)

I Can't Forget

Surf Generator

Breaking Point

AYF no.2


vocals and sax:
Daniel Voznick
(aka Alec Tension)
guitar and keyboards:
A Produce
bass: Rich Evac
drums: Holland DeNuzzio



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