Afterimage Anthology

Cassette Tape
Trance Port Tapes

Culled from previous releases, unreleased tracks and live cuts, this collection gives the best sample of the band in the studio and on stage. This Cassette release marks the end of the first phase of Afterimage. The original band members split up to follow their own interests with Daniel Voznick (aka Alec Tension) continuing under the Afterimage banner.

A Produce started the Trance Port Tapes label (now called TPT) and now has several solo recordings of ambient/trance music. Rich Evac and Holland DeNuzzio have retired from music.

No longer in print

The Long Walk

Strange Confession

On the Verge

Faces to Hide

Idol (instrumental)

Surf Generator

No Dreams

Soundtrack (live)

The Long Walk (live)

Idol (live)

Breaking Point (live)

Afterimage (live)

Faces to Hide (live)

American Tragedy


vocals and sax:
Daniel Voznick
(aka Alec Tension)
guitar and keyboards:
A Produce
bass: Rich Evac
drums: Holland DeNuzzio



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